Coca Cola Competitive Advantages Over Pepsi - A Case Study

Coca Cola vs Pepsi
The largest and popular beverage company of the World is Coca Cola. It is well-known due to its five hundred brands such as Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, Minute Maid and Powerade. It provides different flavours to their consumers that enlarge its popularity. At the current time, Coca Cola company focus on economic development and a safe environment. Due to authentic policies, consistency structure, well-organized methods and collaborative culture, Coca Cola Company is getting success in the world. Here is some detail given by a coursework writing service.

Coca Cola Competitive Advantages Over Pepsi:
Coca Cola soft drink is being used all around the world. Over time, managers are making effective policies to promote their organization. However, it is most difficult to change the culture of a company. Coca Cola is also known as a Coke. This soft drink was introduced in the nineteen century. John Pemberton is the creator of this soft drink. Coca Cola drink is made by effective strategies. It is also well-known for the best selling soft drink worldwide.

Getting a coco-cola drink is every corner of the world is not an intimidating task. Due to its amazing benefits, it is being used in the world, but the beneficial point is that Coca Cola covers the competitive advantages over Pepsi. Pepsi is also a well-known soft drink that is being used in famous cities. Pepsi Company has claimed that Coca Cola is the main competitor. It provides non-alcoholic beverage to people. Almost, 200 countries are purchasing this amazing brand. Let’s discusses coca cola competitive advantages over Pepsi.

Brand Equity:
Due to its high brand quality, coca-cola is getting more success rather than Pepsi. Although, the quality of the Pepsi drink is also superb the quality of the coca-cola is the best. Due to strong brand equity, coca-cola is a strong brand. With the passage of the demand of the coca-cola is increasing.  Almost, billion of the people have trust in the Coca Cola brand. However, the company has faced a lot of difficulties in water management and product quality issue, yet this product is on demand by the years.

Pricing Strategy:
Another competitive advantage of the coca-cola is pricing. Although, this brand very popular, yet it is not too much expensive. It is less expressive than Pepsi. According to the market dynamics, the product price should be affordable and accessible. Therefore, the price of the coca-cola brand is good. Due to its affordable price, it has been famous in all around the world. Coco cola brand is available in different packages and also available in family packages. If you will buy a large package then you will purchase additional benefits.

Marketing is another competitive advantage of the coca-cola over Pepsi. Marketing success is the point which has helped to the Coca Cola to earn competitive advantages over Pepsi. Pepsi does not spend millions of money on advertising on their brands. On the other side, a Coca Cola brand spends millions of dollars to promote their products. Along with that, the Coca Cola brand is offering amazing and effective packaging to its users. Approximately, Coca Cola Company has spent 7 million dollars to promote their brand in this year.

Customer Loyalty:
Customer loyalty is also very beneficial to gain success in the market. Coca-cola has another competitive advantage of customer loyalty over Pepsi. According to a college essay, billions of people had a good trust of this brand. Customer loyalty has enlarged to the coca-cola products with marketing leading. Without proper customer satisfaction, this brand cannot gain success. Therefore, coca-cola has adopted a good strategy to gain success in the market field. This company has gained customer trust. Without Customer loyalty, coca-cola cannot gain success in the market. On the other side, the Pepsi brand has not gained Customer loyalty.

HR Management And Customer Base:
HR management and customer base are more two competitive advantages of the coca-cola brand over Pepsi. HR management is a good source in the 21st century. Coca Cola has gained these advantages due to effective strategies. Human resource management also plays an important role. Competitive salaries and financial incentives are essential to gain career development. Along with that, this brand is also utilizing modern tools to promote their brands. Technology is also playing an important role to offer success to the coca-cola. To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that coca-cola is a leading brand and competitive advantage due such as marketing, product equality, and pricing and innovation way over Pepsi.

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