What must be the right time to do a Ph.D.? Why should you do a Ph.D.?

This is a very common question that you will see many students and even professionals trying to get a good answer for. It is because a PhD is not everyone’s path as it is a high level degree and while it has its charm and sophistication it requires a lot of hard work and efforts. The students need to reach a stage where they can actually look forward to being called a doctor and this is not easy. There are many students who actually prefer not to pursue such a degree because they know that they cannot devote enough time and energy to all the hard work.

However, there are many others who get enrolled in a PhD program just because they are too excited in the beginning or they have been misguided and they fail to understand that it is not an easy path and they end up financially overstressed as they either end up exhausting the funding or fail to get it in the first place. 

It is necessary to know that most of the people who enroll in the PhD program want to become academics or work in research based role. They also consider it a good option career wise as they want to get associated with a good institute and become a part of its faculty but this is all not easy. If you have these thoughts in mind, you need to know that the right time to go for a PhD program is right after you have completed your graduate degree and you are starting for career. A doctorate degree at this stage will not only help to kick start your career but also give you an edge over others in your league who just hold a graduate degree and you can do much better than them in the long run. 

Why go for a PhD degree?

You only get a doctorate degree when you have extensive knowledge of a subject or you love a subject enough to excel in it and this will help to proceed in your career. However, you need to know that after enrolling in a PhD program, you will have to study for the next three years and work hard, living on the stipend that the university will pay you. 

There are lots of good reasons for opting for a PhD degree. If you see this as a means to get a high paying academic job, things might not be so easy for you. You should only opt for a PhD program if you are sure that you want to dedicate the next few years of your life studying a particular field and getting to know much more than an average graduate. 

PhD has often been glamorized in popular culture and many people find it fascinating and want to get their doctorate just because they think it will add more to their CV. However, it is not as glamorous as it seems or renders results most of us look for. In most of the case, students have to put up with long hours of work, running after their professor or instructor and even living with underpaid and insecure employment which is not a very welcoming prospect for many. It is necessary that you look beyond the glamorized version of PhD and face some truths before making any decision. 

Here are a few key things consider that will help you decide if you should actually go for a PhD degree:

You must consider if doing a PhD will enhance the type of career you look forward to. Starting a PhD without actually knowing how it will help you in your career path is like going out without knowing where you are going. Only go for a PhD if you want to use it for your destined career path because this best way to take your career and academic qualification further. 

Studying for a PhD can be a long and tedious process if you are not patient enough to do it the right way. It can take up to 3 to 4 years to complete the PhD and you will have to keep on working through everything before you can avail the benefits or the rewards of your hard work. If you cannot work without getting immediate rewards or wait long to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, PhD might not be for you. 

Work out what might be the best time for you to go for PhD and consider why it is the best option for you and how it will help to achieve your goals before making up your mind and enrolling yourself in a PhD program. 

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