Study Tubers: What They Are And How They Help Students?

A person who tries to teach other persons through videos is known as a study tuber. According to the results of a survey, 20% of the GCSEs students try to revise their content by watching videos of the study tubers. In order to get an idea about the importance of study tubers, NCS (National Citizen Service) commissioned a poll. The results of this poll show that almost 29% of the students have argued that they have got enough support and reassurance by watching videos of these study tubers. There are some study tubers whose videos got millions of views. Top study tubers are given below;

Ruby Granger

He is known as a successful Youtuber and he has shared a mixture of study techniques on his channel. After watching videos of Ruby Granger, we feel ourselves gravitating towards studies. The main aim of Ruby Granger is to teach the students how to become more organized while studying. For this reason, he has also shared lots of his own study experiences. 

Lydia Violeta

If you want to become an organized student during your academic career, you should watch videos of Lydia Violeta on Youtube. She has shared lots of videos for you on various topics. For example, you can learn how to mock up exams and how to study for every subject. By watching videos on her channel, we can also save ourselves from the undue stress of studies and it is easy for us to prepare our study notes.

Ibz Mo

As a student, if you want to get benefit from the experience of the study tubers, it is necessary for you to watch videos of Ibrahim Muhammad. The most important aspect of his channel is that he has tried to teach different concepts to students by involving them in comedy. It means that students can easily learn different learning techniques by engaging themselves.

UnJaded Jade

As we know that this is an era of competition and almost all the students want to get the best grades in the exams. As a student, if you also want to get the best grades, this channel is the best for you. Its reason is that on this channel, Jade Bowler has shared lots of techniques to get the best grades in the exams. After watching his videos, you will feel that it is easy for you to get the best grades in the exams without feeling any kind of stress on your mind. 

Importance of study tubers for students

These study tubers are helpful for the students to learn different concepts. The importance of the study tubers for the students is given below;

Students easily accept the videos of study tubers

It is a fact that if you want to speak with the new generation, video is the best choice for you. Its reason is that students show interest in watching videos and they try to learn more by watching videos rather than studying content on the books. These videos also enhance the communication skills of the students and these communication skills are also helpful for them to learn new things.

Stimulate activities

There are some study tubers who have shared some essential educational activities on Youtube. These activities are helpful for students to learn new stuff of knowledge. These activities also provide extraordinary values to the students to learn new learning experience. 

Their videos are informational for students

It is a fact that videos of study tubers are full of knowledge. Another important aspect of these educational videos is that it is easy for students to consume these videos. In these videos, students have shared such fun manners of learning that are helpful for them to learn new things by ensuring their 100% involvement and engagement.

Engage learners

These videos of the study tubers are also known as engaging and immersing content for the students. It means that students feel it easy to engage and immerse them in the learning experience by watching these videos. Moreover, it is also easy for teachers to integrate these videos easily in the classroom. 

Their videos are flexible for the students

It is a fact that videos are flexible and these videos also provide a flexible medium to learn new knowledge. If you try to use these videos as a learning experience, you will feel that it easy for you to learn each and everything with the help of these video at any place and in any condition. For example, you can learn by watching these videos while travelling and while lying down on the bed etc. 

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