Zhai Tianlin Plagiarism Accusations And Guide For Postgraduate Students

Guide For Postgraduate Students
Zhai Tianlin is the most renowned and well-known actor in China. Approximately, he has 12 million followers on the social media websites. He always gets positive comments and appreciation form their followers. Nowadays, he has received more attention from social media and news for a wrong action. This week his popularity is on the top because is facing the accusation of plagiarism in his doctoral degree. Here, the professional writers of cheap dissertation writing services will discuss Zhai Tianlin plagiarism accusations and guide for the postgraduate students. Actually, the event of Zhai Tianlin is a big lesson for all the postgraduate students. The student should not commit this crime to get bright future, otherwise, they will face all the difficulties those Zhai Tianlin is facing nowadays. He admits his mistake with these words, “Good fortune misleads me and I brought it toward my academic writing papers”.

This is a lesson for the postgraduate students in order to identify the termination of plagiarism degree. According to the BBC news, Zhai Tianlin has committed his mistake with these words that “Honesty is better from all the works”. He has realized his mistake after the plagiarism accusations. Most people are angry with him just because of his late repentant. He is a student at Peking University. Actually, Peking University is well-known all around the world. In last week, he has posted his admittance letter with these words “A new journey, kindly applauds for me “

After this post, he has received 49,000 shares and 80,000 comments. This large numbering creates a curiosity in the mind of people to search online his previous written papers. According to Zhai’s management company, plagiarism is an allegation, but BBC news websites revealed that this is the truth. They present a report in which Zhai has submitted a paper that was 39 % plagiarized. After the apology of Zhai, people have presented him with good wishes. He says sorry with these words, “Narcissism and good luck have made me forget myself, but now I’m ashamed for my mistake”. After his apology, most people use hashtag like this # ZhaiTianlinapologieses. He regrets with these words, “I forgot that honesty is the best policy”. Approximately, 99.000 people give him comments that “Now, he is a good actor”.

The student should take a lesson from Zhai story and stay away from plagiarism work, because, plagiarized work can ruin the life of the student. If you want to protect your future, then you should pay for academic writing services. Academic writing services provide you with high-quality work with zero-plagiarism. Most students are not able to do their work; therefore, they get help from writing services. Most online writing services are counterfeit and they give plagiarism work to the student that can spoil their academic degree. Do not miss this amazing chance and pay to academic writing services for your dissertation, because, the professional writers of essay writing services give you high-quality content and 100% pure work. With the help of academic writing services, you can save your degree as well as the future.

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