A Comparative Essay The Differences And Similarities in University Life in The UK And China

A comparative essay is a composition of several paragraphs. In these paragraphs, the author studies two subjects, topics, discusses and compares them with one another. These comparative essays are all regarding scrutiny and contrasting two topics with one another. A university is the organization of higher education and research. University life means different things to different students. It is certainly a time to have new experiences, meet new people, and learning. Each university life is different from other university life. In a good environment, the student enjoys the university life.

Here we are discussing the difference and similarities in university life in the UK and China:

1-Difference between Timetables

2-In the UK: A student follows the irregular timetable in the university life.

3-In China: A student follows the regular timetable.

In China, you have a similar quantity of classes at the same time each day, but in the UK, students are encouraged to manage their own time. In the UK, students follow no timetable. In the china, a student follows a timetable for his/ her studies.

Difference between lecture fashions

In the UK: A teacher wears formal clothes.

In China: A teacher wears casual clothes.

Difference between Exam Rooms

In the UK: Sports halls

In China: Classrooms

Difference between Canteen meals

In Chinese refectories, you will find food from every region of China, but in the UK, most universities serve like sandwiches, salads, and chips for lunch. If you prefer to eat China food, it is better to bring a lunch box with you. Most students like to eat a variety of foods in China. It is very different in the foods of the UK and China.

Difference between student accommodations
In the UK: Flats

In China: Shared rooms

In China, you will share rooms’ with 4-5 people and the whole building will be the same gender.

In the UK, you get your own bedroom and a shared kitchen and living place. Most buildings will be mixed gender.


In the UK: Public GP / Hospital

In China: University infirmary

In China, almost all the universities have their own university infirmary, however, when you arrive in the UK, it is important to register with an NHS doctor in order to get an appointment and medicine it necessary. In China, the medical system is good for university students.

Similarities in university life in the UK and China

There are similarities in the social activities in the UK and China. Extra curricular activities are the important part of the UK University as well China University. A student spends their free time in the social activities. In China, we have many kinds of universities, but the Chinese system of higher education is not as complicated as the system in the UK. China offers a number of scholarships for brilliant students. UK universities also offer cheap cost for tuition.

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