How Is Late Night Studying Helpful?

Most of the successful students are the night owls. Its reason is that to study in the night hours is more beneficial for the students than the study in the morning hours because the students who study in the night hours show better results than the students who study in the morning hours. It is also a fact that there are some students who don’t feel fresh during the night hours and they are not able to pay enough attention to their study. Such students should try to study in the morning hours. If you are facing some problems to be attentive during the study hours, then you can get the best study tips from the experts of the PhD Dissertation writing services. Here, we will discuss the importance of the night study for the students.
1) Night owls have a high IQ

In the recent years, the scientists studied the IQ level of the two groups of the students. The first group students were night owls and the second group of the students were studying during the morning hours. After comparing their IQ levels, they come to know that the students who were the night owls have a high IQ level than the students who were studying in the morning hours. Therefore, we can conclude from their experiment that if we want to enhance our IQ level, then we should become the night owls.

2) They are more creative
During our academic career, we will have to write down a lot of academic papers. The most important characteristics of these academic papers are that they should be written with the help of the unique and original ideas. The researchers have concluded that the students who write their academic papers during the night hours are able to write their academic papers with the help of the more unique and original ideas than the other students who write their academic papers in the morning hours. Its reason is that the demand for the creative thinking is the distraction-free environment and such kind of environment is created during the night hours when there is no noise of traffic and other things.

3) They need less Z’s

It is also a fact that if you are a night owl, then you require less amount of sleep than the early bird. Its reason is that if you are an early bird and after spending 7-8 consecutive hours in enjoying sound sleep, it will be hard for you to concentrate on your task during the first 45-60 minutes after waking. On the other hand, a night owl spends only 5-6 hours in enjoying the sound sleep and he/she is immediately able to concentrate on his/her task after waking from sound sleep.

4) Procrastination actually works

The early birds show laziness in performing the different kinds of tasks. On the other hand, if we talk about the night owls, then we come to know that they are more energetic than the early birds. Due to this reason, they are also able to perform their tasks in an effective and better way than the early birds even during the daytime.

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